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Reed is telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Some are self-proclaimed experienced UFO investigators and some of them are stating that they have conducted a thorough investigation into Dr.

Reed's former universities, university colleagues, students, professors, relatives - in all interviewing 30 alleged witnesses who told him who Dr. Who would question all of these people based on what they've told you?

After all, these are investigators claiming to have several years of investigative experience under their belts, people claiming to have exhausted every single lead in this case. Reed's alien evidence has been scientifically analyzed and found to be extraterrestrial in origin. Here's why - because, in spite of all the professional, thorough and competent investigative efforts alleged by these so-called investigators and researchers, there is one huge problem with what they're reporting to you: The man claiming to be Dr.

This presentation by 3 reputable researchers will proffer a staggering amount of hard facts and substantive evidence in support of the case, including video testimony of people who knew Dr. And this interview is one of the most extraordinary pieces of evidence, more important than I have known in the investigation of the phenomenon." "I just ask that you listen to his (Jonathan Reed) story.I provided exclusive photos, documents, and first hand witness testimony where others completely failed.was the first and only to completely blow the lid off this bogus caper.Jonathan Reed's background and he is indeed who he claims to be.One investigator, Dan Mc Evoy (pictured left), even claimed to have visited Dr.

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