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Grindr app is a gay social networking app and actually is in use for hookups and casual sex.Judgement aside, 5 million monthly users in 196 countries indicate a great business potential.Chat, meet and date (Grindr hookup) – these simple things make life easier for gays.The app has free and paid (Grindr Xtra) subscription options.In other words, Grindr made it clear who is gay and who is not.This logic, strangely or not, translates for other businesses as well. In 2012 Grindr app was awarded the best dating app, and by 2014 it reached 10 million downloads.Your target audience could not only be sexual minorities, and monetization depends on what customers would be ready to pay for.

Also, we’ll show what is Grindr, how to make a dating app for Android and for i Phone, what is the cost to create a Grindr clone app.This app like Tinder just for gays, as controversial as it is, is notable for being at the forefront of mobile technology.Grindr was kind of first dating app to utilize geolocation capabilities of smartphones.To know how much does it cost to make an app like Grindr, you’d have to examine tools at hand and what you could afford.Developing location-based dating apps like Grindr or Tinder isn’t cheap.

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