Women short blond dating

Maybe, just maybe, we should forget our hair colour and height and profession and just smile then.

"The amazing diversity of Fox News anchors," Dajani wrote in a post that had been shared nearly 12,000 times by July 9, 2014.

Tell that to all the gym nuts downing protein shakes and making #gains.

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“I get that dating a guy who's a little shorter than you may mean that you can't wear heels on a night out, but is that really such an inconvenience that you'd risk missing out on Mr Right over it? When it comes to what men look for in women, apparently they go for - prepare to be shocked - ladies with long blonde hair and blue eyes.We found that for those women who are anchors or hosts in any capacity, about half are blond. Despite (well-deserved) rave reviews from everyone, she admitted feeling self-conscious about her new do.Of the 26 female hosts and anchors listed on the Fox News website, by our count roughly about half are blond and half are not.That's not nearly how the Facebook image had it.

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