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They said the militants immediately went to the school firing their guns.

The witnesses also said that Nigerian security forces launched a search and rescue mission shortly after.

That longer term storage can be scanned much less frequently.

Immediate deletion via manual memory management or reference counting is much more prone to fragmentation.

However, they closed the school for a week to permit students and their families to reunite.

Remaining girls who were kidnapped from the northeast Nigerian town of Chibok are seen in an unknown location in Nigeria in this still image taken from an undated video obtained on January 15, 2018.

The Java Virtual Machine assumes no particular type of automatic storage management system an object gets deleted, and you could code as-if it does not happen (by reasoning in an abstraction where you ignore that).

Of course you need to care about memory consumption and set of living objects, which is a question.

An uncle of one missing student said, "Our girls have been missing for two days and we don't know their whereabouts." A witness from the village of Gumsa, said "I saw girls crying and wailing in three Tata vehicles and they were crying for help." Witnesses told Reuters Boko Haram militants arrived in Dapchi Monday evening in trucks, some armed with heavy guns.

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In Java, as soon as an object no longer has any references, it becomes eligible for deletion, but the JVM decides when the object is actually deleted.

It somehow requires or suggests a garbage collector but leaves the details to the implementation. Remember that programming languages are (of syntax, semantics, etc...), not software implementations.

A language like Java (or its JVM) has many implementations.

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