Women dating down

"A boyfriend can be not so good looking and still be incredibly hot.

If he gets you hot — that's hot." So if you two are connecting in and out of the bedroom, have some faith.

The Con: When your bf's handsome exterior starts to affect your self-esteem and makes you question your own positive attributes, you risk turning into a jealous girlfriend who starts fights every time a girl glances in his direction (or vice versa). If you feel like you will never be able to keep him because his looks are so superior to yours and it's making your self-confidence plummet, then it's time to move on, advises Cohen. If he's a keeper, he will know just what to say to make you secure with yourself and relationship.

Dating Down If you equate yourself with Gisele Bundchen and are bummed that your guy isn't on Tom Brady's level of perfection, you might fall into this category.

The Con: If you feel like you are settling and his level of attractiveness is hindering a lasting connection between you, it may be time to move on.

"It helps you work harder to keep yourself looking your best. D and a six figure salary to date a drugged out, abusive, divorced waiter who can't keep a job! Good thing she finally got it together and left that loser!Enter, the pro and con of trumping your dude in the looks department.The Pro: There may be some truth behind the cliché — a woman falls in love first and then becomes attracted to her man.

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