Who is nonso diobi dating Skypegirl sex

I have never met her before and when she made that comment I felt she talked down on me as an actor and I didnt find that funny.

If she had said it in a more subtle way I wouldnt have reacted that way.

I am at peace with her and we dont have any issues.

What happened was a misunderstanding and I have moved on.

Can't even count the number of DM's and calls I got from pple I don't even know or talk to just to check up on me and no how they can help.“Celebrities are also humans forget what u see on TV ,they feel pain and they also try to reach out to pple, most people that HV met me or talked with me can bear me witness that I'm not one of those celebs that are rude, proud and acts like a god....Some actors are doing other things with their money; so you never can tell.What if some of them even have these things but they dont want to show off. Since I returned to Nigeria I have been working nonstop. Even the two months that I spent in America were used to work.His first Nollywood appearance was in the movie Border Line which was released in 2001. Most of the times when we are glued to the Televisions watching our favorite Nollywood films and seeing the extents at which the actors and actresses go with each other.

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