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He winced while explaining how he got fired months ago from his coaching job at a Jewish day school in Florida because of a DUI arrest.I was impressed and a bit taken aback to hear such unsolicited candor from a famous person I'd just met, but later wondered if our exchange was the dry run Anderson needed to work up some courage.Denton and James had recently parted ways with their original DJ, Pamela Latoya Greene.

Roper participated in the recording of Salt-N-Pepa's second album, , released in 1988, as well as the group's following three albums.When she was 16 years old, a classmate approached Roper at school and asked her whether she would be interested in joining a female hip-hop group.The classmate was connected to hip-hop producer Hurby Azor, the manager of the up-and-coming group Salt-N-Pepa.In high school, Roper—known to friends as "Dee Dee"—dated a boy who was a DJ at local parties and clubs where early hip-hop music was being played.She learned some DJ techniques from her boyfriend and began making her own appearances as a DJ in the local music scene.

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