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They reached an agreement with FITE TV to develop sports and entertainment programming for the FITE combat sports platform.

You can check out the full press release below: FITE and Global Force Entertainment announce partnership for content development Today FITE TV and Global Force Entertainment (GFE) announced their partnership for GFE to develop sports and entertainment programming for the FITE combat sports platform.

Overall this game is a bit of a fail and one really just for the hardcore fans out there who will probably pick it up for the nostalgia value.

However if you’re not a fan then this will disappoint.

The graphics are nothing we haven’t seen before in games of the past and at points it does look like something from five years ago.

The lighting can be very poor and fails to add anything to the atmosphere or any feeling to the game at all for that matter.

There isn’t that crack and squirt of blood sound when piling bullets into your foes and the feedback from the controller vibration definitely needs patching to increase the intensity.

You want to know you’re being attacked by multiple aliens and that your bullets or melee weapons are crushing and exploding their skulls.

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These ladies are checked by us and given the OCSM (Official Checked Star Member) status by us so you can be assured you are talking to the real deal.“It took me four beers to even feel normal,” Margera said.“Drinking helped me get paid.” The pro skateboarder is also preparing to list his West Chester home, Castle Bam, on Airbnb for fans to rent this summer.FITE is available as mobile app on i Os and Android mobile devices, on the web at In the relationship, GFE will be developing and acquiring wrestling events and ancillary wrestling programming for the FITE digital television platform.Additionally, GFE is working with Flipps Media Inc, (FITE's parent company) to develop non-combat sports programming for a to-be-determined digital platform using the "best in class" streaming technology developed by Flipps."FITE has a long standing relationship with Jeff Jarrett dating back to the first ever live PPV event on the digital platform, NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 9", said Michael Weber, FITE COO.

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