Who is donn gunvalson dating

I mean, 11 years on, it's really hard to find somebody that doesn't know you, so that's a plus." Date night with Briana and Steve. "And she goes, 'Well, let me check.' And she went up and down him and ended up at his crotch and goes, 'I found it! ' I'm like, 'Oh my God, I'm moritifed, like he's going to break up with me right now.'" But Vicki and Steve are still together, and she even told Andy Cohen that her love tank is "getting full." She also said that she's "getting there" when it comes to falling in love with Steve, although she's well aware that they've only been dating for two months. Ryan recently gave this explanation on Instagram, “Today it became official!Moving back to my home state of NC in two weeks to live a simpler stress free life.But because opposite attract, husband Ryan’s Instagram seems to be picking the slack and is where we found the cache of dog and Grandpa Donn content.Ryan proudly shows off the pair’s pups, giving special attention to the family’s German Shepherd, Bear, even giving him a shout out on #National Puppy Day.Fans of Real Housewives of Orange County always sympathized with OG housewife Vicki Gunvalson‘s long-suffering husband, Donn Gunvalson, whom she filed for divorce from in October 2010.

The photo adorably showed Donn bonding with Troy and Owen, the children of Briana and Ryan Culberson in their new home in North Carolina.The shepherd is the perfect companion for the family, living the rugged outdoors life and partaking in family games of catch, running along side the ATV and frolicking in the snow.In one of the videos we notice that Bear isn’t frolicking alone, there’s also a pug in the mix! While less rugged and adventurous, she is still a beloved member of the family — although she may be more of a California girl than a country dog.It’s a very stressful time right now in the Gunvalson household.”Vicki was the one to break the news. Since they are divorcing, we don’t see Donn as much as we used to.But we still care about him and are pulling for him.”Vicki, 49, filed for divorce from Donn, 58, back in 2010 after 16 years of marriage.

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