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But the magazine, along with her section, went defunct in 2012. Together with her sister Vanessa, Angela launched the shoe collection called Pastry, in 2007.

Vanessa and Angela had been toying with the idea of a feminine sporty footwear line for a while, which led to the creation of their signature sneakers for women.

Basically, it’s assumed that “no one really cares” to see a naked male body, and those who do don’t exist in the majority.

However, I am to believe that the contemporary man has grown to not only spend more time in the gym sculpting his body, but he also enjoys showing it off.

Angela appeared in Bow Wow’s music video for “Shortie like Mine,” but that was the closest she came to a music career.

Instead of music and ministry, Angela Simmons set her sights on the fashion industry.

Honestly, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that men aren’t as sexually objectified in society as the everyday female.

This onslaught of female celebrity photos posed naked in their home mirrors has made the rest of us wonder: Many of the male celebrities own i Phones and willingly share their half-naked photos on social media regularly.Apple i Phone users are able to snap photos using their i Phones and then back up those pics and other files to this now ‘glitchey’, operating system.Two weeks ago, nude selfie’s and other types of suggestive photos were stolen from actress, Jennifer Lawrence’s i Cloud system and plastered across the internet.I think I speak for my thousands of readers and viewers when I ask, “can we please hack into their i Cloud accounts & upload the below the waist shots they’ve snapped, saved or deleted?” So many of my supporters have been contacting me and asking for my thoughts regarding why the male celebs aren’t being attacked as heavily.

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