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The grand building was in ruins by Henry VIII’s reign, and Castle Farm was built in its place.

Some of the village’s largest buildings are marked with suns, which once acted as an insurance policy in case of fire.

Footnotes & Starting Assumptions As with the analysis of where your paycheck goes, here I’m starting with the assumption that you’re in a developed country in a major financial hub like New York, London, or Hong Kong.

Possible Exit Opps: See our comprehensive article on IB exit opportunities.

Analysts have the most exit opportunities out of all bankers because they’re young and haven’t had “too much” experience in a certain field yet.

2nd and 3rd year analysts see increased pay, usually closer to 0K in a good year for a 3rd year analyst, and maybe 0K or a bit less on the lower end in a bad year.

Time to Get Promoted: Usually it takes 3 years to become an associate.

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