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It is in a similar aesthetic that this Abe Tadashi disc falls into place.

Abe Tadashi was an illusionist/ hypnotist and medical practitioner who got quite some minor fame in Japan in the years to follow.

It is just the greatest high energy free jazz disc that at that time just came out of nowhere and vanished almost as quickly, creating quite an upheaval by the ones who experienced this tidal wave real time.

Daniel Carter and Sabir Mateen collaborate in many groups, most notably in TEST, and David Nuss' highest profile gig is with the No-Neck Blues Band.

Sabu however does not limit his sonic palette to the shakuhachi but includes ecstatic vocal outburst, growls, howl s and hisses, which explains to some extent his new approach to the sonic outcome of shakuhachi playing.

A modern day master in the making, Sabu is someone to watch out for and this privately released tape by him will definitely stun you with disbelief because he transcends the idea of what a solo shakuhachi recording should sound like.

Saint Steven creates his own little world here, and does his best to flesh out an entire concept album or two in its brief 29 minutes.

This one will appeal to all of you insomniacs out there.

Needles to say, this beauty is hideously rare and just never turns up here due to totally bummed sales at the time and the marginal public it was catering to, making that maybe only a handful are still in circulation today (while the remainder of the initial pressing was sadly enough but probably hoarded of to a near dumpster to get incinerated).

Although Sabu has not yet attained the grandeur and delicate touch of such masters like Watazumido, he nevertheless displays already the budding potential his talent beholds.

“He has the power of a person cursed with a fire-breathing locomotive breath.

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