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In this video, Tadder talks about his creative process and how a sound trigger became the inspiration for a series of memorable photographs.

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Audrey Goforth is a 20 year veteran of the Asheville photography business.

So don’t be surprised on occasion to see Audrey pull out her Hasselblad or use film.

She is also grateful for the support she has received from other photographers such as Woodward and Rick and Michael Oppenheim.

Audrey Goforth has kept up with the changes in the profession over the years, but “fondly” remembers the days of film and carrying around 75 pounds of Hasselblad camera gear.

One of the things that Audrey has mastered that has allowed her to demonstrate her artistic skill is platinum palladium printing.

This is a very old style of printing using platinum metals making the prints very archival and durable throughout the centuries.

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