Updating your us passport

Below is a detailed explanation of each of our service portfolio: We design and host a dedicated website for representation of each client government. All relevant information and links are provided as per written scripts and directives approved by the diplomatic mission.

These websites bring out the local aspects of application requirement and provide links to the diplomatic missions we serve in a specific region.

In order to protect the contents of your mailing from the elements throughout the delivery process, we strongly encourage you to mail your passport application and any personal documents using a secure means of packaging, such as a Tyvek envelope.

VFS Global’s visa & passport application processing services is an end-to-end solution.

You can travel using the passport that shows your maiden name; just make sure your air tickets are booked using your maiden name and not your married name.This solution has evolved into a seamless process which includes information dissemination, automated application and appointment systems, helplines, collection and remittance of fees, biometric enrolment, and convenient value added services to enhance the applicant experience.Over the years, our technology-driven innovative solutions have revolutionised the way visa & passport application services are managed since our inception in 2001.As an option, an applicant can also get the envelope delivered by courier, for a supplementary charge.In some territories, VFS Global operates a same-day service for priority category of applicants.

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