Updating verizon phones for new towers

For more information on carrier settings updates, contact your carrier.When a carrier setting update is available, you'll be prompted to install it.Whatever the true problem and its source, Apple has issued an official fix.

Carrier settings updates can also add support for features like Vo LTE or Wi-Fi Calling.If your carrier releases a mandatory update, you'll see an OK button instead of an Update button to let you know that the update was downloaded and installed.You can manually check for and install a carrier settings update with these steps: Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement.Below we outline some steps you can take to avoid the frustration of dropped calls and add more bars to your signal. There are many factors that play into your phone’s reception — your wireless carrier, the phone itself, the materials your house or car are made out of, and even your geographic location all play a role in determining your signal strength.Do your best to narrow it down to which one is causing the most trouble. If you have crappy reception inside your home or office, but it drastically improves whenever you go outside, there’s a good chance that the building is impeding your signal.

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