Updating public folder takes 90 cpu

Tests for such UWP applications can now be deployed to, debugged, and executed, on device.The tests are also fully integrated into Test Explorer.that organizes your tests by Project, Namespace, and then Class.

This was one of our most requested features from User Voice.Rather than needing to manually maintain a Mac build machine, all you need to do is connect to the Mac, and we will handle the heavy lifting of installing and configuring your build machine with the correct Xamarin.i OS and Mono bits, all from Visual Studio.The Remoted i OS Simulator, which allows developers to test and debug i OS apps entirely in Visual Studio on Windows, is available to all editions of Visual Studio (as of version 15.5), including the free Community Edition!Deployment and execution support is availalbe through VSTS CI as well. In response to customer requests, we are enhancing the Visual Studio Build Tools to support additional project types.Thus, Win10 Io T Core applications have full support in the edit, compile, debug, test cycle within Visual Studio, and in the Continuous Integration workflow in Visual Studio Team Services. In this release we have added support for Type Script and projects.

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