Updating laptop graphics

The enabling of Intel HD Graphics Control Panel itself has nothing to do with the performance boost, rather the driver update itself to a newer version is probably the reason behind it.

Sometimes newer display drivers offer performance improvements to games (or other graphically demanding applications).

Can anyone else confirm those driver versions (shown in device manager when viewing properties for the display adapter)? I would like to use your method if it allows me to increase battery life.

I can confirm that the latest driver windows provides is .3496. OEMs/Manufacturers (Microsoft, Lenovo, Acer, etc.) usually don't provide the very latest drivers, whether via Windows Updates or the driver page on the manufacturer's website.

Not to toot my own horn, but I do have 4 Comp TIA certifications, so while a lot of tech terms, knowledge, and know-how seems like common knowledge and mundane to me, most of it isn't to the common Joe.

So as a result I often over simplify things sometimes in order to try and bridge the knowledge gap with others. For all my desktop/laptops, I have never trusted Windows Update to give me the correct drivers.

If you want to create custom 3:2 screen resolutions, here's a guide for doing that: Guide I hope this helped. Since I'm there, here is a small update and feedback on the "update your Intel driver thing" : There is a new Intel driver available .64.4156 since 03/06/2015 =What's the benefit of doing this?

I do notice that the screen flickers or show a brief white line while watching Netflix on surface and was thinking about doing this type of update.

The latest driver that Windows update provides is .3496, and the very latest driver (as of 01/06/2015) is .3960.However, Intel tool mentioned that I should use the driver provided by the vendor, i.e. By installing the graphics driver update manually (using the exe will give you that error, that's why you have to do it manually like I described in OP) you can access the Intel HD Graphics Control panel and change some different performance and battery saving settings as well as create custom resolutions. Essentially a 1080p resolution equivalent that fits the 3:2 aspect ratio without letter boxing from the standard 16:9 resolution.It allows me to set scaling to 100% without everything being super tiny as well.Furthermore, the computer OEMs will not keep up with hardware vendors' ~drives~ drivers as time goes on.I always did my research and went out to grab the appropriate drivers on my own.

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