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Utils: [Sysinternals, c Cleaner, Speccy, Defraggler] Sorry, I missed this post. I'm pretty sure the link is to the game you're running.

Wo W System Requirements: https://us.battle.net/support/en/art...ed-video-cards. It's odd that the game suggests an update (does it still? The game website suggests Radeon HD 6000 13.12 - 8.17.0010.1247, but the version on your system is newer.

You don't have to necessarily re-install Catalyst (CIM will tell you if an update is available - you can choose what components you want to update).

That being said along with the information you posted, I would say that this issue (trouble updating driver for AMD Radeon 6570 HD) is resolved. I'm not a gamer, so if the game still complains, you're probably better off opening a new thread in Gaming - Windows 7 Help Forums There are features of AMD GPUs that I never use (overclock and a new utility Raptr) Overclocking your GPU can cause issues including BSODs, so it's best to have the advice of a person experienced in that. You should do some research first and ask questions in the Seven Forums (SF) or AMD gaming forum before making any changes.

I tried to find that information on AMD, but like so vendor many websites, the information is not readily available.

As long as the game plays reasonably well, the only thing that might stop it from complaining is an extremely high priced GPU or a configuration change (filter) specific to the game.

Utils: [Sysinternals, c Cleaner, Speccy, Defraggler] hi bill, The game still recommends an update, but as of now i'm inclined to follow your advice and ignore the request.

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