Updating d3 database using excel

The only issue would be if there were so many rows that legend outgrew its donut hole.

Also worth mentioning is that the data file did not need to be a CSV.

Now at this stage, you might ask, why can’t I use excel for all my work.

Once you understand Excel operations, learning SQL is very easy.

If you dislike coding, excel could be your rescue into data science world (to some extent).

There are several reasons for it: Moving to SQL would address point 1 and point 2 to some extent.

You can find the notebook in the repo for this post.

The CSV file that resulted from that extraction looks like this: The first row defines the column names and then comes the data iteself.

– it’s super convenient, because you can see and play with your data.In particular, we'll use the volume of parking tickets by day of the week in 2012.The dataset does not directly provide the weekday numbers; I used the excellent pandas and an IPython notebook to extract that information.D3 also has methods for dealing with TSV files and files with arbitrary delimiters.Of course we aren't limited to D3's file parsers; they're handy but not required.

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