Ubuntu wicd validating authentication

i DRAC firmware 2. is also available right now, which may resolve the bug, but I am having trouble with the firmware install right not and will cover that in another post.

A while back I wrote about how the value locked up in the Unix API makes it durable.

If so, that understanding fell out of my mind at some point over the years since then, and just now I had the interesting experience of discovering that our NFS export permissions have sort of been working by accident.If you don't depart from the Unix API, it's hard to see much of a point; 'we wrote a different kernel but we still support all of the Unix API' (and variants) don't appear to have all that high a value.You're spending a lot of effort to wind up in essentially the same place.Dell’s Open Manage Essentials (and Enterprise) have a configuration compliance portal which allows you to deploy consistent settings like BIOS, i DRAC and network configuration and to view any differences to the baseline template.However, I’ve been pulling my hair out (what’s left of it) over the past couple of weeks with a particular configuration attribute that was just not updating.

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