Tyra banks teen dating

Banks marched onstage wearing the same bathing suit and told critics to "Kiss my fat ass!

" She picked up a Daytime Emmy Award for her work on the show in 2008 — a feat she repeated the following year as well.

After her grandmother passed away from lung cancer, Banks also vowed never to smoke.

Banks confesses that she was somewhat of a "mean girl" in middle school.

"I was taught to enjoy food, not to fear it," Banks recalls.

She developed healthier habits, too, and began working out with her mother's exercise group at the age of six.

Banks had previously revealed her trouble with infertility and their son was delivered via a surrogate mother.

Banks' parents divorced when she was only six years old, but she says that she was too young for the divorce to negatively affect her.Banks rose swiftly through the ranks of fashion modeling to become one of the world's top supermodels.She booked 25 runway shows while in Paris in 1991, an unprecedented feat for a newcomer to the industry.She also enrolled at Harvard Business School around this time, completing her special course for CEOs and other top executives in early 2012.The model-turned-entertainment-mogul has since founded the TYRA Beauty cosmetics line.

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