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Don-El, Superman's cousin, is the police chief of Kandor and gets caught up in the mix.

Later on, Superman would obtain control of Kandor from Brainiac and restore the city and its citizens to their proper sizes.

Jor-El notices that a mixture of chemicals in a can allows the can to fly out the window.

This might have been how Jor-El developed the rocket fuel that would safely transport his son to Earth.

#460–461 (November–December 1989) Every family has a bad seed and Kem-El is the House of El's.

He was a distant relative of Jor-El, a militant who extinguished a sentient preservation ship and its small crew of a dying breed of aliens. To preserve the Kryptonian culture by eradicating everything else.

Eventually, the Eradicator would become a key figure in DC's #60 (April 1962) Long story short, Brainiac comes to Krypton and shrinks the entire city of Kandor, cramming it all into a bottle that can never be broken.Jor-El assists in their safe escape off Krypton, but not before Jack can pass along the coordinates to Earth.It's not only a love letter to Superman but contains loads of references to other Superman stories and the larger world of Krypton.Supergirl had one of the more significant superhero deaths in mainstream comic book history, as her death was honored for nearly 20 years.She now boasts a popular solo show on The CW, , Vol.

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