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” As she turned slowly to face me her frown turned to a mischievous grin “Fuck you.” “Yeah,” I challenged “well why don’t you?Let’s go upstairs and do it.” She knew what I was talking about, we lived on an Eastern Washington farm and we’d been watching bulls and cows and other animals mating since we could remember.I hadn’t begun to date and she was younger than me so neither of us had experienced intimate contact with someone of the opposite sex but I had a full flood of testosterone flowing in my veins and I knew my younger sister was feeling the effects of puberty too.In the last couple of years her sharp tom-boy lines had softened, her chest and butt were radically reshaping, she was being reformed by sensual curves and mounds and my hormone soaked balls were noticing.We all thought there were monsters under our bed, but some of us really had a boogieman living in our closet, or a ghost walking in our attic. Because monsters aren't truly scary until they're real.

Sometimes she would return then gesture then stomp off in a huff, cursing fifteen years of life with an older brother.

Phoenix Sighting, the Night Fliers, and the Patch of Grass My experiences have been, by far, not the strangest posted on this page, but they still may be of some interest. I'm percent 100 serious and really want to know thank you and here's my short story. Running Away From Cut-Off Heads and Other Extreme Sports I was sixteen at that time. It was rather strange..first even I had not believed myself, but as the event lead on my gut had given me a feelng that my suspicion had been correct; …

This story is very creepy and it might have happened to a lot of other people. My Old Imaginary Friend Possessed My Little Brother!

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