Teenage girl dating younger boy

I told her that she had something in her room to read that required her full, undivided attention.She’d known for a while that the boyfriend wasn’t on my good side. But I was still only moderately prepared for the gut wrenching sobs that emanated from behind her bedroom door for the next hour or so.Eventually, she came downstairs and was allowed use of her phone for one hour.She could call her best friend, a relative, or whomever she felt the need to talk to.I felt that a letter would also allowed her to hear me, all of what I was saying, without interruption and without the argument that would most likely occur if I started in on the topic while she was already feeling so confused and emotional. First I tols her how much I love her, how wonderful she is, how much she deserves and why I am so proud to be her Mother. I told her that as of that day, she would no longer be allowed to see this boy.

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I wasn’t grounding her, she wasn’t being punished; what I did for her was to do what she couldn’t find the strength to do herself.I took this person who had brought pain and heartache, doubt and insecurity into her life, out of her life.When she walked in the door after school that day, I asked her for her phone and Ipod.I had already resigned myself to the fact that she would most likely have sex before she was married (a parent can dream, right? And it looked like things were getting pretty serious with this particular guy. His appearance wasn’t that bad; to me, all teenage boys have shaggy hair, bad skin, and dress a little weird these days. It wasn’t just the lack of employment that bothered me.He was just over two years her senior, having recently turned eighteen and that was about it. It was his lack of motivation to do at all about it.

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