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The monastery of Saint Paul in Jarrow, part of the twin foundation Monkwearmouth-Jarrow Priory, was once the home of the Venerable Bede, whose most notable works include The Ecclesiastical History of the English People and the translation of the Gospel of John into Old English.

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A much under publicised fact is that the world's oldest complete Bible, written in Latin and to be presented to the then Pope (Gregory II) was produced at this monastery – 'the Codex Amiatinus' – which is currently safeguarded in the Laurentian Library, Florence, Italy.As of 2008 plans to revamp Jarrow School have come into action.Building work was completed in 2009 turning the school into a modern learning facility with Specialist Engineering Status.Later spellings are Jaruum in 1158, and Jarwe in 1228.Today Jarrow residents' popular nickname for Jarrow is "Jarra".

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