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Constructivism was rejected in favor of a more pompous Stalinist architecture.

Moving the city center further from the border with Finland, Stalin adopted a plan to build a new city hall with a huge adjacent square at the southern end of Moskovsky Prospekt , designated as the new main street of Leningrad.

On January 26, , five days after Lenin's death, Petrograd was renamed Leningrad.

Later some streets and other toponyms were renamed accordingly.

The title of the city head was changed from "mayor" to "governor". His second term expired in ; the long-awaited restoration of broken subway connection was expected to finish by that time.

But in Yakovlev suddenly resigned, leaving the governor's office to Valentina Matviyenko.

In the same year, the new location for the project was relocated to Lakhta , a historical area northwest of the center city, and the new project would be named Lakhta Center.

The entire elite leadership of Leningrad was destroyed, including the former mayor Kuznetsov , the acting mayor Pyotr Sergeevich Popkov, and all their deputies; overall 23 leaders were sentenced to the death penalty, to prison or exile exonerated in About 2, ranking officials across the USSR were expelled from the party and the Komsomol and removed from leadership positions. However, after the death of Stalin in , the perceived ornamental excesses of the Stalinist architecture were abandoned.Petergof The Revolution of began in Saint Petersburg and spread rapidly into the provinces.Revolution and Soviet Era — [ edit ] In March , during the February Revolution Nicholas II abdicated both for himself and on behalf of his son, ending the Russian monarchy and over three hundred years of Romanov dynastic rule.More than one million civilians were killed, mainly from starvation.Many others escaped or were evacuated, so the city became largely depopulated.

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