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The direction of Skype began to change with an emphasis on sociability.

The result was that Skpecasts were introduced in May 2006.

Skypecasts allowed users to utilize voice conversations with up to 100 participants.

The biggest challenge for Tango, I think, will be to overcome the name recognition and widespread use of Skype.Skype actually stands for “Sky Peer to Peer.” The original Skype application permitted voice calls from PC to PC and little else. Skype’s 0.9 Beta created the platform to permit calls to landlines from PC’s on a fee schedule.Through the evolution of various Skype upgrades, the company continued to experiment with different colours before finally settling on the current blue background.) I like Tango’s PC software, which is meant to look like a virtual version of its smartphone app.Everything in the app borrows liberally from i Phone design elements, from the bottom row of navigation buttons to the alphabetized contact list to the sliding buttons in the options menu.

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