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Scammers scour the internet for email addresses and build up lists of potential targets before they begin trying to extort your hard earned cash.

If you receive an email similar to the below please be aware this is a scam!

You will make this payment by Bitcoin (if you dont know what is Bitcoin or how to use it, just search “How to buy bitcoin” on internet, its easy).

The wallet address you will send the money to is: 1Fq HTugqux NZ8c Hdm9Lq PYv Srzuaatk RXs You have only 24h from the time you read this email to make my payment (i setup a tracking pixel in this message and i will know when you read it).

Which has recorded you both with webcam and screen capture while you had your “fun Time” allowing me to see exactly what you see.

This has also affected your smartphone via an expl0it.

When this happened i had full control of your computer screen and your camera (yes i could see what you were watching along with your face and actions by your cam).

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You will make this payment through Bitcoin (If you dont know how to do this just search google “how to buy bitcoin” or “localbitcoins, its pretty easy to buy it).

My Bitcoin address is: 14AXbq Cf LBh6MQzb A6VB7a M49Rsq8Gig T6 You have only 24 hours after reading this e-mail to send my payment (i have set a pixel in this message and i will know the date and time you read it).

If you decide not to make my payment i will send your double-screen video to all your contacts (yes this includes co-workers, friends, family, etc…) and of course make the video public available on internet.

Subject: YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF You received this message because someone requested an email subscription to a Feed Burner feed.

If you did not make this request, please ignore the rest of this message.

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