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At that moment, a second bomb exploded nearby, with devastating force, shattering the sides and roof of the great glasshouse.It was the closest of shaves for the man, who fortunately had his back to the explosion, which showered him with fragments of broken glass.Later that year, Marion Crawford, a prominent member of the WSPU, was sent to prison for two years for this attack, she was lucky not to have faced a charge of murder.Less than a fortnight after the bomb attack in Glasgow, three country houses were attacked in Perthshire, two burned to the ground and the third severely damaged, but not wholly destroyed by the fires which were started.The barracks were being used as a temporary police base at the time of this incident.

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Even by the standards of the WSPU though, the next attacks in February 1914 were baffling.Investigation of the scene in daylight provided a chilling insight into the minds of those responsible for the attack on the Kibble Palace.A woman’s veil was found, together with an empty champagne bottle and the remains of some cakes.Instead of fleeing in panic, the man took out a penknife and calmly severed the fuse, thus rendering the bomb harmless.As the night-watchman stood up, he must have been congratulating himself on a narrow escape.

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