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In the 1740s, 322 ships from Liverpool transported 78,890 slaves, to the tobacco plantations of Virginia and Maryland. Between 16 British ships carried 3.25 million Africans across the Atlantic, 70% destined for the sugar plantations of Brazil and the Caribbean. On their unwilling way to America, between the years of 16. ©2001 T Mc Gregor UK) 17 – Digitize preserve index Historians at work on the US slave documents. Colonial LA records shed new light on US history by Cain Burdeam New Orleans. A commercial ship to carry slaves from west Africa to the Caribbean. The order of the Illuminati was launched on with five members. The leaders of the Illuminati were also called Areopagites. 1662-1807 – From Liverpool to west Africa to South Carolina. 1680-1786 – Goree island of the coast of Senegal, more than 2 million slaves passed through Goree island or Isle de Goree. With Boston still the largest city, having 12,000 inhabitants, as it had become the center of the slave trade. July 1748, the “Brownlow” went from Liverpool to Africa then to the slave market in South Carolina. Nine of the signatories including George Washington and John Hancock were freemasons and a further ten are believed to have been. Illumunati leader was Dr Adam Weishaupta, a professor of canon law at the university of Ingolstadt in Bavaria. It owns the largest collection of books printed before 1501 in the western hemisphere. There are plantation books for 1678-1806 and treasury board papers for 1557-1920, passport registers from 1795. By 1660s many Americans were slaves in North Africa. Children between 10 and 14 years were taken from their parents and sold as slaves in Virginia and New England. Jan 1748 Brazil and back to the UK, via Scotland and Ireland with a Liverpool base. 1765 – In colonial America rising tensions with British rule. 30 April 1789 – The temple of Jerusalem was destroyed in 568 BC in Israel.

Morgan and the creation of a central bank 1915 banking abuse was at pandemic levels. 1890-1898 – The founding of the national chiefs of police union in 1893 led to the formation of a national bureau of criminal identification and a publication called the Detective from 1898. 1892-1900 – When the gates of Ellis island opened in 1892 many Italian immigrants moved into New York city. Washington’s key public buildings including the Senate, the House of Reps, the Library of Congress and the Presidents house. He was told in his vision that the true church of Jesus Christ that had been established in New Testament times, which had administered the fullness of the gospel, was no longer on the earth. August 1814 British troops entered the city and set it alight. He experienced his first vision, in which he was visited in person by God, the eternal father, and his son Jesus Christ.

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