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They also know they were travelling under aliases back to Russia after the March 4 attack on Sergei and Yulia Skripal (top right) after cross-referencing with the commercial flight's manifest.A security source told CNN that a British intelligence station on Cyprus intercepted a coded Russian message sent to Moscow from the UK confirming the pair had successfully left the country on the night the Skripals collapsed.

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This means the interior (top left) can be easily redesigned.

'My son and daughter-in-law are on holiday so we had to come,' she said.

'If it gets them a place it will have been worth it.' Meanwhile Julie Ayre, who works in Somerset, said she joined the huge queue after being rejected last year, when she was 125th in line.

The court heard Crichton was presented with a series of options by the website, including 'kill the b*****d'. Fergus Wilson (right), 69, who owns hundreds of properties in Kent, has evicted four single mothers from his properties and vowed to kick out any single women who fall pregnant in the future.

The multi-millionaire landlord (left with wife Judith) claims he has been forced into the move by Ashford Borough Council over rules around emergency repairs to heating systems.

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