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Employment discrimination deprives persons of earnings necessary to maintain decent standards of living, tends to impair the City's productive capacity, reduces public revenues and contributes to group tensions and conflicts.

Housing discrimination results in overcrowded, segregated areas which tends to promote substandard, unsafe and unsanitary living conditions.

Psychiatric evaluations and medication appointments, however, can be arranged for you at a later date.

Pre-registration prior to a walk-in appointment will shorten the intake time during your appointment.

The main objective of the Child Abuse Unit was designed to vigorously prosecute all child abuse cases, while at the same time providing for the well-being of child victims throughout the criminal justice system by reducing emotional trauma and fostering positive cooperation.

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If you are having anxiety, sadness or stress that does not go away and is severe enough to interfere with everyday life, Well Span Philhaven can offer solutions to help.In January of 2004, the Child Abuse Unit was expanded to include prosecution of adult sexual assault offenses, in an effort to provide one specialized unit that will handle all child abuse and sexual assault prosecutions.Prosecutors with this unit become involved in all cases at the very beginning stages, working with municipal and state police departments as well as numerous other agencies who are involved in the case.Pre-registration or intake time is necessary to enter your information into our computer system before services begin.You may call (800) 459-7497 if you wish to pre-register.

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