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Vital Records of Rhode Island 1636-1850, Births, Marriages and Deaths, James Arnold, Providence, RI, Vol 2. 114.~Frances Low married Nudigate Adams in Barrington, RI in 1775. He had gained international recognition as an advocate of municipal self government and executive responsibility, ideas which he elaborated upon at Lord Bryce's invitation in a chapter which he wrote for the first edition of The American Commonwealth, and in his Addresses and Papers on Municipal Government (1891). 449-450.~Seth Haskell Low was born , son of Seth and Mary (Porter) Low.. Joined the Salem Light Infantry 1805, moved to Brooklyn, Long Island, 1829. Soldiers, Sailors and Patriots of the Revolutionary War-Maine, National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, Louiseville, Kentucky, compiled by Carleton E. He was not quite forty years of age when he accepted the office.Ebenezer Lowe of Rockport, a widower, aged 40 yrs, shipmaster, son of Ebenezer and Susanna Lowe of Rockport, on 8-7-1845. In 1828 he formed a connection with Sampson Reed in the wholesale drug trade, and this continued until 1839. Lowe was not in active business from 1839 to 1859, but he served as a director in banks, and insurance and railroad companies, and for many years was a member of the city government, and of the State Legislature. Lowe, with others, founded the Safety Fund Bank, now the First National Bank of Boston, and was elected president, which office he held while he lived.

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