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It’s a message that only one type of body belongs in a bikini or any kind of revealing swimsuit.

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When you do find your holy grail of a suit, you’re lucky if it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

You get out of the water, and now the rest of your naturally-water-repellant skin dries while the suit stays wet for the next 15 – 30 minutes.

For women who sit in wet bottoms, this can be the ideal breeding ground for a yeast infection. Swimsuit fabrics trap detergents, perspiration, dirt, fecal matter and bacteria and then carry all that right into the public pool.

The cleanest pools in America can probably be found at nudist resorts.

No one is bringing in impurities from their clothing, and resort pools often have multiple signs instructing people to shower before entering. As if anyone needed proof, Australian psychologist Marika Tiggemann’s 2012 study on body image and swimsuits found that women get anxious and depressed just about swimsuit shopping.

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