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Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and therefore are not permitted at our event.

please know that the majority of guests that appear on stage do so usually in the later part of the day (although that is sometimes different for actors working on a current series).

Ever dreamed of having an exclusive concierge assigned to you, and only you, at your favorite Creation Convention?

Our Concierges know the rules inside and out, and use that knowledge to get you in line with the VIPs! Signings start later on Sundays, so we recommend that you plan to stay late or stay overnight.

We kindly ask, for the evening event(s), you do not bring bags unless necessary.

Water stations will be available in the room and, for those that have special medical needs, you can discreetly discuss those with security before entering and we will do bag checks.

Service animals perform valuable work or tasks and are trained to provide help directly related to a person's disability.Not only that, they also help you keep track of every event, signing and photo op, so you won’t miss a thing. and some autograph sessions begin after stage programming is complete for the day. The final schedule is always posted one day PRIOR TO THE CONVENTION on either WEDNESDAY (for our three-day conventions) or THURSDAY (for our two-day conventions).If you're interested in this premium service, write to: [email protected] more info. Creation Entertainment is going green by joining forces with Fan Guru (formerly Cosmunity)! Our best advice is to plan for these time variabilities and check the schedule as soon as it is available.We regret that we've had to take this measure, but we must protect our audience and celebrities and we’ve been advised that this is a necessity.We retain the right not to allow entrance into any of the events to anyone who shows up appearing intoxicated.

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