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: This article was first published in February 2014, and updated again in January of 2018.

The following article outlines the necessary steps that must be taken by foreigners who intend to live in Mexico (for non-lucrative purposes) to obtain a temporary or permanent resident card for the first time.

The time frame of this to happen is between 10 to 15 working days, starting from the day that the documents were submitted until the day of the approval.

Appointment Once the procedure has been approved, the applicant must go the Immigration Institute to request an appointment.

Printing the visa in the applicant’s passport The VISA will be issued within the following 10 working days and will be valid for 180 days and just for 1 entry to Mexico.

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On the day of the appointment, the applicant must be at the Immigration Institute 10 minutes before and must bring 3 pictures as follow: Three color photos with white background, infant size (2.5 x 3 cm): In this appointment the applicant will sign some documents and have his/her fingerprints taken.

Resident Card ready After the appointment, the card will be printed at the Immigration office and be ready for pick up approximately 1 week after.

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