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Nowadays, the kilt is recognised the world over and is worn by many for both formal and informal occasions.If you are staying in one of our holiday cottages in Scotland and would like to learn more about the fascinating history of tartan and kilt making, there are a wealth of museums worth visiting such as The Scottish Kiltmaker Visitor Centre in Inverness, the Tartan Weaving Mill in Edinburgh and the Lochcarron Visitor Centre in Selkirk.The wedding traditions of Scotland are rich and colorful.From the wooing and courting, through the Scottish wedding ceremony, and on into the home, the traditions abound with blessings, hilarity, and such Scottish-ness.This tradition began in the days when every household had open fires and so the fireplaces in particular had to be cleaned and cleared of ashes, ready for new ones to be started.It was considered bad luck to go into the New Year with a dirty house.

From heavy contests such as the hammer throw, tug-o-war and the caber toss, to field events including a hill race and a cycling competition, the games are a spectacle like no other.Scotland is a land boasting a rich history full of unique customs and traditions.From the thrill of the Highland Games and the patriotic National Dress, to romantic, musical and mysterious traditions, there are so many fantastic reasons to explore this beautiful country.Originally it was invented as more of a practical joke by Robin Dunseath for the 1977 Gathering of the Clans in Edinburgh, and then used to raise funds for charity at Highland games.It has since become a professional sport and there are strict rules, to which competitors must adhere to qualify.

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