Sasuke and sakura dating fanfiction

"Sakura..." The boy said as he slowly leaned for a kiss. "Thank you..." She mumbled laying back down in bed."Ahh Sas-" Sakura shot up again. Her heart was pounding in excitement as she lightly puckered up. No one cares about me." Sakura whispered, getting cold. " Saku Sasu Saku White Day Fan Fic Fifteen year-old, Haruno Sakura walked toward the gate where her boyfriend was supposed to meet her. Just then, she felt hands cover her eyes and pull her into an embrace. Sasuke held out a pack of chocolate Pocky and took one out. " Sasuk Affection of the Mermaid Fishing wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do - considering he had to tie live bait to a fishing hook only to wait a painfully long to feel a grip on his hook. He wanted some alone time to himself so he came here. And now, she still felt the same way about Sasu Saku Slumber Fan Fic Sleep.

Sasuke was never a patient one, when he wanted something, he expected it immediately and this was no exception. Madara always taunted him about revenge and how Sasuke shouldn't be thinking of anything else. Haruno Sakura, Konoha's Cherry Blossom, the one who's always loved Sasuke.

" Sakura said, trying to reach the top shelf."Here, let me help you." Sasuke laughed as he grabbed the book."Aw thanks Sasuke-kun! Sasuke just shook his head, trying to forget about it."Sasuke-kun, what's wrong? Sakura couldn't see well through the snow so she used her hands to help guide her through.

All last night, Sasuke kept wondering what that feeling was that he had for Sakura. Since it was snowing, Sasuke invited Sakura on a date for a walk on the playground.

She was already dressed in her school uniform, hair brushed and everything. She sighed and thought about all of the times Her and Sasu Another Sasu Saku One Shot She loved him.

She was going to be late on her first day of a new school. Sakura was running at such a fast pace that she bumped into someone. Sakura sat under a tree and rested her head on her knees as she sat down. All throughout his life since then, he's made the worst choices. All he's ever truly wanted out of life was lost because he was blinded by revenge.

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