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While in her coma, Vanessa speaks to her late husband.

When she comes out of her coma, the doctors are very skeptical, even when she tells them where to look for her daughter.

Inspector Tom Hatcher is sent to investigate the weird happenings at Fort Pendleton and the Manitou Outpost, including insanity and cannibalism.

Hatcher was part of the team that caught Gustave Meraux, the Cannery Cannibal who terrorized Montreal.

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He breaks into the home of Eric and Vanessa Fitzgerald.Character development is concise and will have you empathizing with (or disliking) them.I especially enjoyed the dynamic between Tom Hatcher and Anika. Dead of Winter is a very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable read. A take two review by Michele Lee Its Ontario, 1878, at the beginning of the European expansion into the frozen tundra.She begs doctors to put her back into a coma so she can talk to Eric some more.News reports circulate that Vanessa has claimed to have spoken to her husband after his death. Sebastian Dietrich, has a theory about life after death, and he wants to test it on Vanessa.

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