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It was worn under the collar for comfort, appearance, and to prevent strangulation should the lanyard be grasped or caught below the turk's head.

There are at least four reasons for the shape of the seaman's knife blade: blunt-ended for poor stabbing qualities and so it would cause less damage if dropped from aloft, because it can be used to cut stops without damaging clothing or sails, or can be used as a screwdriver.

A handkerchief was often worn about the neck, opened at the back like a kerchief, to protect the back of the neck from tar or tallow on the hair.

It was also used as a sweatband by the guns' crews.

It is interesting to note that the pigtail or (the fashion for all classes from about 1785-1825) would have been the exception during our time period, except for some young officers spearheading the latest new fashion.

Pressed men were often with lice and were shorn as a routine; thus wearing long hair or a pigtail was a mark of service.

There was no standard uniform for officers until 1748.

Prior to that year officers, and captains of ships in particular, had worn what they pleased.

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The study of naval customs and traditions of 1775 to 1783, like the study of the larger body of history itself, is not an exact science, and the material stated herein is the product of much research, substantiated by at least some evidence, and the assistance of the noted authority on the subject, LTCMD A. After 1728 men were paid aboard ship after returning to their homeport. Lime juice came in to use due to the plentiful supply from the West Indies, while not as effective as lemons, does have similar properties.

From the Norse came the use of a single steering oar or sweep on the right or steer board side of their vessels. It was found awkward to put a vessel alongside a dock on the side this oar was shipped. From early times, to avoid collisions, ships underway or at anchor by night carried at least a single lantern showing a white light.

Fisher SHIPBOARD TERMS NOTE: Refer to the graphical course "Orientation to Frigate Design" for general shipboard terms, such as the term "Orlop" deck.

This is where the term Limeys comes as a reference to British sailors.

From Saxon times press-gangs had functioned in order to provide seamen.

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