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The fact that Stephen II was a grantor in 1700 and the fact that his known male descendants have DNA matching that of a native American tribesman who has traced his ancestry to Ka-Okee gives me confidence that this lineage is right. According to Burwell's attorney, some tobacco claimed by Mourning Pettus, widow of Thomas Pettus II, was the "proper estate" of Stephen Pettus.

This led me to the conclusion that Thomas had left the tobacco to Stephen and that Stephen--not Elizabeth--was the orphan heir.

That research led to the discovery of new evidence that Christian was the daughter of the immigrant Thomas and Ka-Okee, daughter of Pocahontas. Baptized August 23, 1610, served on the Continent with Sir Thomas Dale in the Thirty Years War, and was sent to Virginia by Sir John Pettus of the London Company in command of 40 men.

Because the above-mentioned Stephen's male line of descent carries the same Y-DNA as that of Thomas's other known male descendants from Ka-Okee, that means that Stephen was descended from Ka-Okee and not from Mourning. H e married in 1645 Elizabeth Durant, widow of Richard Durant. Thomas Pettus and was a member of the King's Council in 1642-1660.

Apparently, Burwell was holding the tobacco until Stephen came of age. Stephen was a grantor in the sale of the Pettus estates in 1700 (see his signature on the deed) to James Bray, Jr.

I concluded that the sale took place after Stephen came of age. The most logical explanation of the above evidence is that Thomas II was Stephen's father.

Although Thomas remarried after Ka-Okee died c1637, the line of descent from his second wife, Elizabeth (Freeman) Duirrent, apparently ended before 1700, when his only known granddaughter, Elizabeth Pettus, died underage and unmarried.

According to this source, living Pettuses who descend from the immigrant Thomas also descend from Pocahontas's daughter, Ka-Okee!

Most of the early Virginia court and church records were destroyed at one time or another. To ward the building of a porch at the North door ofthe said church, over my grandfather's grave , twenty marks. THOMAS PETTUS MY GRANDCHILD, son of SIR AUGUSTINE PETT US my son deceased, at twenty-one. John Pettus my godson, son of the said William, my brother at two and twenty. Anderson: Early Descendants of William Overton...(no date), p. Martin I fought in the Revolutionary War and became Sergeant Palmer.

Most likely, Stephen II was the son of Stephen I and Stephen I was the son of Thomas I and Ka-Okee. Thomas Pettus, immigrant, did marry Elizabeth Durrent, widow of Richard Durrent sometime before 1643. Notes for CHILIAN PALMER , WAR OF 1812: The History of Halifax (County Virginia), Wirt Johnson Carrington, states that Chillian Palme r was descended from Edward Palmer, a member of the Virginia Company who wished to start a un iversity in Virginia. 235, "Chilian Palmer, vestryman of Antrim Parish, Halifax county, Virginia, was a son of M artin Palmer, of Charlotte and Halifax counties.

They had a son Thomas Pettus II who was a minor when his father died c1661. Have heard of no one claiming descent from "the first Stephen". This Martin Palmer was a sergeant in the Re volutionary war, and was a descendant of the Edward Palmer who conceived the idea of foundin g a university on Palmer's Island, a picturesque spot in the Susquehanna river.

He expresses surprise that this connection, which is "sacred tradition" for three distinct native American tribes in Virginia, is also known by certain members of the Pettus family who had heard it from their grandparents!

For example, Thomas held a large tract of land in what is now Stafford County, Virginia.

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