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The Hooven Automatic Typewriter and Hoovenizing letter writing services were very popular until World War II.After the war, IBM and other electric typewriters offered affordable and less maintenance required technology that obsoleted the Hooven and today, very few specimens of this early electric typewriter survive.The first electric typewriter, George Blickensderfer's magnificent machine, was introduced just 10 years earlier.However, in 1902 electricity was still used mostly for lighting.

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This is an antique circa 1880s Caligraph No2 typewriter.The second machine was the perforator which was about the size of a typewriter and punched (typed) the required holes into the paper roll.An advertisement in 1920 listed the Hooven Automatic Typewriter priced at 0 and the perforator at .Our suggested 0 delivery charge would cover us personally delivering it anywhere (and dead heading back home) within 300 miles from here in Vermont to New Hampshire, Mass, Conn or New York.We would consider other locations for an additional charge. Each key does clearly and loundly present a piano like note and each key represents a different note.

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