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They are two different topics.) ► Autism | 2 ► Avercamp, Hendrick ► Aviation: Can Deaf people become pilots?

► Baby Signing 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | ► Basketball and the Deaf 1 | 2 | 3● Baseball and ASL | 2 | ● Bibliography● Big River► Bedouins► Bellydance and the Deaf Community► Benefits: "The Benefits of Learning Sign Language" | 2► Bilingual Education | 1 | 2 | ► Blended Letters ► Blessing the Deaf► Body Language and ASL● Book Recommendation: A Study of American Deaf Folklore● Book Recommendation: Deaf in America● Book Recommendation: A Brief History of ASL► Book Recommendation: Fingerspelling ► Book Recommendation: Personal Pronouns ► Book Recommendation: Initialization ► Book Recommendation: Terminology study guide ► Book Excerpt: The Purpose of Signed English ► Book Recommendation: "Janessa's Journey Through Her Mother's Eyes" ► Book Preview: Specialized Signs● Book Spotlight: What is ASL? Brill)► Business: "Sign Language and Business"► Camp: Deaf Camp games for 3 to 5 year olds ► Capitalization: Should "sign language" be capitalized?

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► Deaf Students: "Do you have Deaf students in your ASL classes? " ► Delayed Speech (a brief personal account) ► Delimitations of Signs ("sign delimitations") ► Dentistry and the Deaf ► Dining, Deaf ► Differences between signs taught by teachers► Directionality (verb agreement)► Disability: "Deafness as a Disability" / 2● Discourse / Conversation negotiation techniques► Distinctions project► Driving and the Deaf | Drivers Licenses | Driving Schools and the Deaf Documentation Form► Dogs: "Hearing Dogs" | Canine Sign Language | Deaf Dogs | Dogs and Sign Language | Canine Companions for Independence | ► Driving: "Deaf Drivers"► Drug Awareness and Treatment Services for the Deaf in a Hearing World (also see: Substance Abuse) ► Drug Abuse and Deaf People ► Drugs, Alcohol, and the Deaf ► Dummy Hoy and Dummy Taylor► Dyslexia and Fingerspelling ► Early Intervention: "Sign Language in Early Intervention" ► Eating: How do you eat and sign at the same time?

► Education, Deaf: 1 | 2 ► Education: "The Impact of Education on Deaf Culture"► Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) ► ELi S (Libras Sign Writing System) ► Emergency Services► Employment, Deaf 1 | 2 | 3 | ► Entrepreneurship, Deaf ► Epigrammatic sayings into ASL ► Equine Therapy and the Deaf► Equivalency: Classroom Contact Hours► Ethnicity► Evaluation ► Evolution of a sign► Evolution of a language: ASL► Eye Gaze (also see Lesson 5) Extended Transcript Systems ► Extra-Credit-Research-Paper-instructions ► Facial Expressions 1 | 2 ► Facial Expressions: "If You Are Not Using Facial Expressions You Are Not Using ASL" ► Fernandes, Jane K.

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