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A number of academics and detectives examined the carcasses and interviewed witnesses, and variously blamed unbalanced humans, snakes, and vampire bats.

But residents nicknamed the assailant "The Vampire of Moca" after the town in northwest Puerto Rico where the incidents initially clustered.

The older Espinoza stated the creature "mumbled and gestured." At dawn a seven-year-old boy in the same house said the creature stood on his bed and briefly on his chest.

[This sounds like the "Old Hag" phenomenon well documented by David Hufford and others ‑‑ BE.] All family members described a smell "like a wet dog." The key element in this story is that the 911 emergency number was called, and the metropolitan Tucson police did respond, but a search of the immediate neighbourhood and questioning of residents turned up nothing. The phenomenon seems to be identical to a previous panic that occurred in February to July 1975 in Puerto Rico, described in a report by Puerto Rican Sebastion Robiou Lamarche, "UFOs and Mysterious Deaths of Animals," in Flying Saucer Review 22:5 (June 1975): 15‑18.

Accounts of sightings, often connected with UFOs, were widely publicised, but no consensus on the creature's appearance emerged.

Some described a gigantic bird; others a large hairy creature.

Also interviewed were a Puerto Rican veterinarian, who described the puncture wounds found on animals as "totally abnormal," and a UFO expert who blamed the mutilations on aliens drawn by the world's largest radio‑telescope at Arecibo.

Unfortunately, news can be slow in coming in, and then often comes in a flood.

This issue is being distributed six months after the last.

The creature was also said to be causing incidents in San Antonio and Los Angeles.

In Miami, concern grew to the point that on 8 April the University of Miami and the Metro Zoo conducted a "public necropsy" of animals supposedly killed by chupas.

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