Physical disabilities dating services

When I called, I was barely able to get one word through before the woman cut me off.“I don’t think I can help you here, but I have some disability dating websites you can try,” she said. It’s not that I am opposed to them but all the ones I have tried are a) outdated, b) connect you with someone in the middle of another country, c) are filled with college students trying to complete an “interview of a disabled person” term paper or d) filled with people who have fantasies about making love to someone with artificial limbs.While I often have an easier time talking about same subjects with folks in my community, I also get great support from non-disabled allies.My friends’ suggestions of dating your own kind also extend to whom they try to fix me up with.“So you are saying you don’t believe non-disabled people can date people with disabilities?” I asked a woman who opened a new matchmaking service in town.Furthermore, how could she guess that two men with cerebral palsy would call her within an hour?

Last month, I was talking to a friend who does attendant work in the area.After more verbal ping-pong about whether people with disabilities could date “normies,” I claimed a temporary victory.She agreed to let me upload my profile to her site.Being advised to stick to your own kind is ironic coming from people who claim to be anti-racist.None of my friends would ever tell a person of color to try dating their own kind, but for some reason that message is fine when it comes to disability.

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