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About 20 people showed up the first time, a crowd that more than doubled this year.

Joe Peraino, who met his previous girlfriend at the 2011 “weed dating” session, said the event works because everyone has similar interests.

Five Phrases to Take Off Your Online Dating Profile Now) At a recent “weed dating” session, Christian Science Monitor reports, O’Leary’s introduction was fittingly touching and peculiar.

“We’re all weirdos, in general, people, we’re all weirdos right?

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“You can’t really walk into a bar and complain about climate change or peak oil without having people look at you weird.” (MORE: Single on Valentine’s Day?

Remember the good old days when you’d hit the club with your girlfriends and get chatting to a guy at the bar, swap numbers and a few days later BOOM! Or when you were in your early twenties strolling down Long Street when you suddenly got accosted some dude – an encounter which led to a bit of a holiday romance and then some?

But the older we get, the smaller our social circle becomes and the more disillusioned we get about finding somebody compatible. Websites allow us to narrow down our search and cut through all that initial conversation crap (I mean time is precious and a busy girl can’t sit through three dates before finding out the guy is a sexual deviant or a religious fanatic).

But does our reliance on dating apps/websites mean that the chances of meeting our soulmate ‘In Real Life’ (IRL) are non-existent?

Today, I want to bring our minds back that old-school idea of organic dating.

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