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(It bears mentioning that the bondage lifestyle magazine that began in 1977 called London Life has no relation to the original.) In 2014 British retro singing group The Three Belles created a musical comedy revue directly inspired by the letters published in London Life called "London Life, The True Story of the Secret Kinks of World War Two".

These offered risqué sex-related stories plus nude and semi-nude illustrations and photos.

Besides photographs and sketches of nude showgirls and theater stars, the magazine featured fetishist literature as well as tight-lacing, high-heel, and female domination imagery.

Letters from readers discussed various fetishes, including flagellation and caning.

In the mid-thirties, Charles Guyette, the New York fetish photographer and seller of BDSM paraphernalia, began contributing material and placing discreetly worded ads for his more risque photo-sets.

A decade later, Irving Klaw, another New York purveyor of fetish erotica, also began advertising in the magazine.

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