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Read more Adapting to their recent human neighbors, vervet monkeys steal food and raid crops.

As a result, humans mass-poison the monkeys to defend their food sources.

Under the present regime -- whether the old standards or the new ones are used -- the criminal law becomes a trap."Such is the importance of fundamental rights that US Supreme Court judgment in Brandenburg v. It gave rise to Brandenburg test -- of intent, imminence, and likelihood. Our Supreme Court and High Courts should also be giving such bold judgments to protect our fundamental rights.

Shifting weather patterns have complex impacts on natural systems, many of which are the cornerstone of Africa’s economic developments as it grows rapidly.

many people must be knowing a famous website there are some more websites which are owned either by US or UK companies when someone log in from Indian gateway the website will start catering in a completely localized service so from here by paying small amount of money people will become members and from here their activities will skyrocket...... Constitution of India is the Supreme law of the land. It is your freedom and liberty to visit or join those websites.

Yet local communities rely on natural resources for their livelihoods, and encroachment from agriculture, grazing and settlement is shrinking the...What Chief Justice Warren Burger did, instead, was create a three-part test—now called the Miller test—that courts have used ever since to determine whether or not material qualifies as obscene. Douglas, arguably the most articulate free speech advocate in the Court's history, delivered a blistering dissent in favor of decriminalization:"The difficulty is that we do not deal with constitutional terms, since 'obscenity' is not mentioned in the Constitution or Bill of Rights …for there was no recognized exception to the free press at the time the Bill of Rights was adopted which treated 'obscene' publications differently from other types of papers, magazines, and books … What causes one person to boil up in rage over one pamphlet or movie may reflect only his neurosis, not shared by others. If not why the action is not yet taken about these type of websites?Nobody is forcing you to visit or join those websites.

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