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No, business Amex cards (regardless of whether they are charge cards or credit cards) do count toward 5/24. As long as you have one Membership Rewards card open, your points are safe regardless of where they came from.

To keep your points safe, I recommend keeping at least one Membership Rewards card open at all times.

Will I get a signup bonus if I product change from one card to another?

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It is not unusual for people to get around these limits by calling for reconsideration. Amex does count across consumer and business cards to enforce this limit.

Can I get a second signup bonus for the exact same card again? Most Amex signup offers have the following language: Can I get a second signup bonus for the exact same business card again if I apply with a different business? These can include first year free (when applicable), airline fee credits, elite status benefits, lounge access, etc.

If I refer a friend who is not eligible for a new signup bonus, will I still receive referral credit? Amex often offers bonus points for referring friends.

The Gold Card is a different product than the Premier Rewards Gold card.

As long as it is a different product, you can get a new signup bonus. If I sign up for a new card, but do not qualify for the signup bonus, will I still get the other advertised card perks? If you are approved for a card, you will get other perks besides the signup bonus.

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