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This is my first released project, so contributions (pull requests?

) are welcome, but only on the condition that you explain how to accept it :). I've been powering through Chas Emerick's "Clojure Programming" for about a week now and I gotta say that the language is certainly not for the faint of heart.

It lets you know of some good learning resources (and my assumption is that if a bunch of people have agreed on those being the best tutorial to link, it must be pretty good) and the location of the IRC channel.

Now I grant that this is stuff that *can* be googled and I have done so right now, but having this information available conveniently in the sidebar can make it much easier for people to get started.

You still however need to write user-management by hand (Devise is sorely missed!

), automate the deployment (no rubber), implement integration testing (I don't think there's anything of that sort out yet), implement solid logging, implement DB migrations, and have to do all sorts of manual security patching when new vulnerabilities are discovered (the Rails team does it for you).

Does anyone know if development is still active somewhere?

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I've done some simple casual game development in different languages (people have paid money for them), but nothing in a (mostly) functional language like Clojure. Or are my notions of state in games just misconceptions, and it can in fact be handled cleanly in a functional manner?The concept itself isn't necessarily hard, but once you start reading the sample code, you do get a bit light-headed.Especially once they present their implementations of the Game of Life and Wilson's Maze, whoa. I've been trying to learn Haskell for the last month or so, and Clojure caught my eye.I popped over to this subreddit to learn more about it, and found one massive difference between /r/Haskell and here: no sidebar The /r/Haskell sidebar is really great if you're new to the place.

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